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Our products are used by many industrial companies such as but not limited to electric utilities, trucking, and various commercial transportation in addition to heavy industries like steel and cement.

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Want to lower costs, increase productivity and improve overall performance?
The right gas with the right delivery and storage system and coupled with Pure Air expertise can make a substantial difference!
Not only do we explore whether or not you need pure gases or a complex gas mixture, but we also diagnose your business needs in order to come up with the best possible solution for you and your customers.

Oil & Gas Pipelines Welding

Argon gas welding

Argon is used for welding due to its low cost, shielding gas capabilities, and stability. In addition to not reacting with other elements, it doesn’t burst into flames when exposed to the extreme temperatures involved in welding.

Mixture Gas Welding

(Argon + Carbon Dioxide)
Welding gas for mild steel
A 75% argon/25% carbon dioxide mix (sometimes referred to as “C25 gas”) is very common for welding mild steel. It produces minimal spatter and provides good arc characteristics. It also has a good bead profile, allowing it to wash out well at the toes of the weld

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green hydrogen is a clean energy source that only emits water vapour and leaves no residue in the air, unlike coal and oil. Hydrogen has a long-standing relationship with industry. This gas has been used to fuel cars, airships, and spaceships since the beginning of the 19th century

Helium Balloons Gas

Helium Balloons are undoubtedly a great addition to parties of all types; even as a gift, they are worth the effort and the money.
So, If you have a party coming and have decided to go rogue with balloon decoration, do not think much and order your helium tank from Pure Air Co. Helium balloons are of outstanding durability and won’t disappoint your party spectacle

Chlorine Gas & Cylinder

Use Profile Chlorine gas is used in water treatment to disinfect drinking water, swimming pools, ornamental ponds and aquaria, sewage and wastewater, and other types of water reservoirs.
Chlorine gas has a variety of uses, including bleaching paper and cloth, treating waste, and as an ingredient in solvents, rubber, and pesticides.
This gas is stored in pressurized cylinders and must be monitored to prevent accidents and health and safety hazards.
The three most common types of chlorine used in water treatment are: chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite, and calcium hypochlorite.


We are conscious of the negative environmental effect that could be caused by us, and we work to minimize any negative effect resulting from our businesses.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We continuously look for improvements and encourage innovation and adapting technology.

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Thanks to our trustworthy and reliability, in both thought and action which reputed us by many leading organizations.

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Pure Air aims to deliver innovative gas solutions and technologies to customers, driving their performance and helping them reduce their environmental impact. We are focused on meeting society’s evolving needs for energy and essential products and reducing gas emissions.

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